We are excited to have you be a part of some exciting changes!

Jan 18th 2016

Titan Trains is born out of the long standing  Mountain Car Company product line. Titan Trains has invested in production upgrades, more personnel, and inventory.  The product and quality has remained the same and the business model has changed to sell from inventory only and not take deposits on future orders. Titan is also committed to finishing all of the old MCC back orders over the next 6 months. We are excited to show you the awesome changes we are making to make your hobby and passion easier and more fun than ever before.

Previously, MCC would assemble and fill each separate order as it was placed but as volume grew,  the demand could not be filled with the system that was in place. Under Titan Trains, we are now selling directly from inventory which allows you to order directly off of the web store here, or email or call your order in.

Our "in stock" product on the home page will change almost daily as new stock is made and some items run out of stock, so check back to see what we have in store! Most of our products are on the website for you to browse. Some of the items need updating on the website and that will be happening over time as well as finishing listing all of the products that we can make. If you would like a product that we do not currently have in stock, you can easily use the "Contact Us" form on the website, or call us and we will contact you with when that specific item(s) will next be available. We will not require full payment until your order is ready to ship.

I encourage you to visit this page for updates, specials and happenings in the future!