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Fallen Flags

These are items that are still available by special order. We have not discontinued them but they will rarely be stock items. These may require longer lead times, which will be discussed upon your interest. Please email or call and we will be glad to work with you on these items.

  • 50' Mechanical Reefer (Kit)

    50' Mechanical Reefer (Kit)

    50' Mechanical Style Reefer Car with plug door, steel type sides made out of aluminum. Full frame with removable roof. Details include plug door, along with all grabs, ladders, rivets & brake wheel. Body and frame is aluminum with reinforced ABS...

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  • Bobber Caboose End Cupola Body (Assembled)

    Features include: grooved wood sides, steel centersill, removable roofs, grabs and window trim Length coupler to coupler: 30"  Width: 16"  Height with trucks: 24"  Weight with trucks: 65 lbs Price includes body only. Trucks, brakes,...

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