Locomotive Options & Upgrades

Our locomotives come with plenty of extra options for you to choose from! 

Standard Control: This control comes as a standard feature on the locomotives unless the Locomotive is upgraded to wired Hand Held or Wireless Control.  Manual Push Pull lever with Control Box. Lever is mounted on the rear of the locomotive and the control box can be mounted to the lever or on the engineer car. An optional Control Handle Extension is available for $125.00

manual-control-1.jpg              manual-control-2.jpgmanual-control-3.jpg       sdc10528.jpg

The Electronic Hand Control has everything you need to run your locomotive with one easy to use wired control. It comes with controls for all functions such as forward/reverse; allows you to control speed; turn on/off headlights; activate the horn; use train brakes; use ditch lights; start and kill the engine.  $1975.00


The Wireless Hand Control has everything the electronic control has but totally wireless to allow you to have full control over your locomotive from a distance.  $2250.00


The Dash Panel with Gauges has all the necessary gauges to let you know how your locomotive is running. Includes gauges for speedometer, engine RPM, hour meter, scale miles traveled, fuel, volts, train brakes, and hyd. oil temperature.  $1450.00



Train Brakes: Air or Vacuum. These are for brakes on your train cars. The Locomotive uses hydraulics as a brake. Train Brakes on the locomotive includes the pump, check valves, release valve and Brake On and Release switch.  $550.00

train-brakes.jpg      brakes-train.jpg


Ditch Lights $350.00    Snow Plow $295.00                        Bell $285

ditch-lights-plow.jpg                             bell.jpg


Paint and Graphics can be added upon request (contact us for options)  Prices range from $800-$1600

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