Low Side Gondola 5' Body--unpainted--IN STOCK


Product Overview

A great all purpose car. Engineer car, hauls friends, and general stuff. Easy to haul!

Sides are lower than a regular Gondola making it easy to get your feet in and out.

Features include: rivets, grabs, stirrup steps, and brake wheel.

Length coupler-to-couple: 5'-6"    Width: 16"    Height on trucks: 10"    Weight with trucks: 90 lbs

Price includes body only. Trucks, couplers, brakes, paint and graphics are available for extra.

See Trucks section for Trucks and Couplers.

See Paint and Graphics section for info paint schemes.


Shipping is include. Assembled cars are shipped by  Freight to a local terminal for the customer to pick up or to a customer dock.  Residential and International shipping is an additional charge. Please see the Shipping section for further information.

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