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SD70 LOCOMOTIVE--Introductory Offer


Product Description

A real Titan of a Locomotive! Our Newest and Largest Locomotive yet. The SD70.  This will be in production in January 2019 with deliveries in February. 

We use a 16hp quiet gas engine powering a hydrostatic pump which drives a hydraulic motor on each truck with chain drive to all axles. This is a high performance system with smooth control, long life, durability, simplicity, and value. Our locomotives are designed for heavy use in rugged conditions. The units are easy to operate and provide lots of fun with very minimal care.  Electric Version will also be available.

Length coupler to coupler:        Width: 16-1/2"    Height: 25"     Weight: 900lbs


Shipping is included for locomotives. Locomotives are shipped by UPS Freight to a local terminal for the customer to pick up or to a customer dock. Residential and International shipping is an additional charge. Please see the Shipping section for further information.

An approximate 25% deposit starts your order, 50% when final assembly starts and remaining balance to be paid at time of completion. Call or email us to order or to ask questions about the locomotive.       See                       540-387-1952      www.office@titantrains.net

Ordering: You are welcome to purchase this locomotive through the web store or you are welcome to email or call in your order. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express & PayPal.