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Starter Train Set (5 Piece)


Product Description

Get a Ready-to-Run Train Set that includes our popular Titan Jr. with 3 Cars & a Caboose! This set is great for beginners just getting into the hobby, or makes a nice train set for a seasoned enthusiast. Trucks, couplers, shipping, paint & graphics are included for the entire set! This set saves you almost $1,000 vs. buying each item individually... WOW!!   Car substitutions may be made at possible additional cost. We can also help get you started with track. Please ask.  

-- Titan Jr. 

   -- Shipping & single color paint scheme included.  Your choice of gas/hydraulic or all electric version.

-- 6' Gondola 

   -- Trucks, couplers, paint & graphics included 

   -- Can substitute for a 5' Gondola

-- 6' Flat Car

   -- Trucks, couplers, paint & graphics included

   -- Can substitute for a 5' Flat Car

-- 5' Low Side Gondola

   -- Trucks, couplers, paint & graphics included

-- Wooden End Cupola Caboose 

   -- Trucks, couplers, paint & graphics included




Shipping is included on all cars. Assembled cars are shipped by UPS Freight to a local terminal for the customer to pick up or to a customer dock. Kits are shipped by UPS Ground. Residential and International shipping is an additional charge. Please see the Shipping section for further information.


Ordering: You are welcome to purchase this car through the web store or you are welcome to email or call in your order. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express & PayPal.   50% Deposit gets your order going!